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Case Hunter Mod APK 1.8.0 (Unlimited money) Download For Android

If you like detective movies, cases, and puzzles in general, there is a lot of content that you can enjoy today. There are all kinds of games and movies that you can enjoy today regarding cases.

There are many unique and fun games that you can enjoy today with puzzles, but if you are looking for a unique game, then Case Hunter is the one you should play. This is a fun game that allows you to solve detective puzzles on many levels today.

You can enjoy many interactive levels in this game today. Each level presents a unique police case that you must solve by finding clues and items and solving puzzles.

There are many challenging levels available in different situations, such as murder, mystery, missing persons and more. There are many things that you can enjoy in this game and you can find hidden objects and clues everywhere. Solve many cases here and help people!

solve case puzzles

There are so many amazing things that you can enjoy today when it comes to police cases. You can watch a movie or a show because you will enjoy discounting cases with characters.

Then, some games will test you in person, so you’ll be the one to solve the issues. If you are a fan of attractive graphics and puzzling cases, Case Hunter is the game for you! This mobile game allows you to solve as many police cases as you can today.

Download Case Hunter apk latest version

In this game, you can solve many cases that plagued the city. You will face a different situation in each level where you can solve different puzzles. You must complete the objective in each level, which can be solving a murder case, working in a restaurant, and much more.

Each level is unique, and you’ll need to collect evidence, manage matters, and solve the crime! Here you will work as a detective solving puzzles.

Enjoy the stylish graphics plus background music today! Have fun solving cases, solving puzzles and finding hidden items here.

Case Hunter’s Abilities

When it comes to solving things, there are many factors to consider. Try your skills in Case Hunter and solve many cases!

case hunter mod apk latest version

Detective mystery – There are many fun detective games that you can enjoy right now. These are games that allow you to solve as many puzzles and cases as a responsible detective.

Some players like these types of games, so they look for a new game every time. If you are someone who enjoys these games as well, you can download Case Hunter today. In this game, you will need to solve a variety of challenging levels with cases.

This is a detective puzzle game where each level presents a unique challenge that you have to solve. There are several levels available here, such as Rescue the Cow, where you will need to save a cow from the surrounding fire.

You can do this by arranging the tubes so that the water comes out of the drum. There are many different levels that you can play here where you may encounter other things. Have fun finding objects, analyzing items, and more!

case hunter

Challenging levels – There are many excellent levels that you will face in this game today. Each level will present a unique puzzle that you will need to solve with all your might. Use your brain to figure out how to complete the level today.

There are different levels here, such as Work in Café, where you will need to manage the café while the owner is sleeping. There is also a level where you will find the roommate of a missing person! Find clues and have fun solving puzzles here.

fun art style This game offers cartoonish graphics that you will instantly recognize and love. It is familiar because it resembles the famous cartoon in the United States.

Moreover, the animation is unique, and you can go to different places by interacting with it. You can interact with a lot of items here to solve puzzles!

Case Hunter mod apk

Analyze clues and solve puzzles To solve the levels, you will need to interact with many things here.

The controls will depend on the level, but you can scroll and tap the screen here. You will be able to find items, analyze clues and solve the puzzle today! Enjoy this fun puzzle detective game now.

Download Case Hunter Mod APK – Latest Version

Solve tons of puzzles now in Case Hunter! Enjoy many mind boggling cases where you have to solve.

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