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InstaDownloader Mod Apk – Download Video, Reels, Story, IGTV

InstaDownloader Mod Apk – The Instagram application does not provide various types of download functions for its video content. Because Instagram users very rarely share long videos, except for IGTV and Live Instagram.

Luckily, you can still download Instagram videos with the help of download apps. This app is a third-party app that allows you to download various Instagram videos.

Then it will be stored in the smartphone memory and enjoyed at a later time. However, also pay attention to the type of third-party application that will be used to download Instagram videos.

Make sure you can use the official Instagram video downloader available on the Play Store. Here are some recommendations of the best apps that you can use to download Instagram videos. Please see the full review as follows!!

What is InstaDownloader Mod Apk ?

InstaDownloader allows you to download from Instagram without downloading any software or apps. Of course, you can easily download from Instagram to MP4 format via a browser on any device.

Awesome downloader for Instagram users. Do you know? More than 100 million photos are uploaded to Instagram by more than one billion users every day.


If you are one of the one billion users, you may want to download Instagram photos and videos. Let’s use Instagram downloader for your work.

Instagram is growing in popularity every day, but with its rapid increase in popularity, it also has some limitations.

Among these limitations is that users cannot download full-size Instagram photos or Instagram profile pictures. It’s very frustrating for Instagram users to be unable to save or download anyone’s Instagram image. Insta Saver is here for you.

InstaDownloader Mod Apk Features

Apart from how to easily download it, you can also get other useful features. Well, below are some reviews about the features available in the apk, namely:

1. All In One

Everything in this app is that you can download any content from videos, photos, scrolling videos, IG stories and even highlights.

You don’t need to download an app that only has one function or you can only download videos from Instagram. Only with this app you can get all downloaders without downloading any other app.

2. Can Retrieve Data from Downloaded Content

The next feature of the InstaDownloader app is that it allows you to retrieve data from the downloaded content.

For example, you can have or create a list of tags to use when uploading your downloaded photos or videos. You can also copy the URL link and then share it with your friends or contacts.

3. Play or View Photos or Videos


Next, you can of course view videos and photos that you have downloaded in the application. No need to open gallery or video player, view photos or videos in the options already in the app.

4. Share Quickly

With this type of application you can share with your friends with just one click. Share link or share content, you can share freely. You can also adjust the size, which ranges from 144p to 720p.

5. 100% Free

You don’t have to worry if this application is paid because the Insta Downloader APK application is a 100% free application. There are no items described in the application. You can download the content you want to download for free.

6. Unlocked

The next feature will be unlocked. What does unlocked mean? That means you can easily share it with your friends, your video can’t be shared because it is locked by the app.

Insta Downloader is not letting these obstacles stop you from showing your motivation. You can share it freely without any hassle.

7. Ad-Free

This is the main and most important type of feature. Insta Downloader mod APK has ad free feature now. Since ads appear frequently, at some point you get dizzy and decide to uninstall them.

Yes, of course you can easily download the content you like in peace without being disturbed by any type of ad.

8. IGTV Downloader

Want to download full video from IGTV. Fix you need to download Instadownloader mod. With this app you can easily download videos from IGTV.

Download InstaDownloader Mod Apk

You can try our modified Insta Downloader0 app. You can get more useful features from InstaDownloader. Sometimes there are problems when using Insta Downloader, for example in the type of ads that appear every time and every time.

Or have you experienced problems, for example, in the type of video that is locked in the application and cannot be stored in the smartphone memory. You must try this Insta Downloader app.

App Name InstaDownloader Mod Apk
Size 35MB
Version Latest
Recent Updates 1 day ago
Get it on Click Link HERE!!

Application To Download Videos on Instagram

Below are some reviews about various types of application recommendations for downloading videos on the Instagram application.

To do this, copy the link from Instagram and paste it into the app. Then the application automatically downloads photos and videos that are stored directly in the smartphone gallery.

In addition, users can also share directly through other platforms, for example in Twitter and Facebook applications.

The features available in this app can be accessed without an account, which allows users to download IGTV and InstaStories and play offline. Below are some of the apks, namely:

1. Repost For Instagram

Downloading images or videos can be easily done via third-party apps, often including a watermark from the particular app you use.

With you being able to use the repost application for Instagram, users will not find anything like that. Every user can download Instagram videos directly from this app for re-upload.

All you have to do is copy the Instagram video content link and then download it according to the quality you want. Interestingly, this type of Instagram video download application does not have various types of paid features, so users don’t have to worry about spending money.

2. FastSave

There’s also FastSave, an app for downloading Instagram videos. Using this application itself is also very simple by clicking on the video you want on Instagram.

In addition, the results of videos downloaded or uploaded via FastSave can produce high-quality content with HD resolution, so that the image display looks good.

3. Story Saver for Instagram

Next up is Story Save for Instagram Video Downloader Instore, which allows you to save any Instagram video you want.

Users can also easily take advantage of the features provided by this application, such as captions and hashtags generators.

Just copy the link of the content you want to download. In addition, users can also use other ways, namely sharing on Instagram to get links automatically and download directly.

4. InShot

The last app we recommend is called InShot. The application, which is available for free on the Play Store, is under the auspices of InShot Inc. Until it can be used to download Instagram videos and upload them directly.

Thus, the download process seems to be completed with just one touch. In addition, this Instagram video downloader also provides a feature to set the location of the downloaded content.

It allows users to specify the capacity for Instagram videos and other files. One thing to keep in mind is that Instagram video downloads should be for your own use.

Keep in mind that the Instagram video content you download belongs to someone else. Therefore, you can create your own Instagram videos by presenting interesting content.

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That’s the review we’ve explained about InstaDownloader Mod Apk – Download Video, Reels, Story, IGTV, that’s all and thank you!!

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