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Read Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers and Release Date

Now that the previous chapter has been officially released, many Black Clover fans are thrilled to see the outcome of the fight between Asta and Lucius in Black Clover Chapter 335. The previous chapter surely shocked fans upon seeing the magic ability of Lucius. Speaking of which, Asta still seems to have no idea how to defeat the enemy knowing that Sister Lily has been transformed.

The cliffhanger of Chapter 334 shocked fans to see Asta falling down after receiving a deadly attack from the enemy. Is Asta still alive? How are the magic knights going to deal with the overwhelming power of Lucius? Read on as we discuss everything that we know about the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 335.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date

Is Yuki Tabata’s manga series going on another break? As of the moment, there is no announcement of any delay or schedule changes for the release of the next chapter of the Black Clover manga series. This means that manga fans should expect to read Black Clover Chapter 335 on August 28, 2022. If there’s no unexpected delay, the scanlations of the chapter will be released before the official release of the manga. To learn more about the scheduled release of Chapter 335, check out the details below:

  • Chapter Number: 335
  • Chapter Title: TBD
  • Official Release Date: August 28, 2022
  • Scanlation Release Date: August 26, 2022

Be the first to read the official English release of Black Clover Chapter 335 by visiting the official distributors such as Viz and Manga Plus.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers

Just like the One Piece manga series, the Black Clover manga chapter is also being leaked before its scheduled release date. Usually, Black Clover spoilers are leaked around two to three days before the release of the scanlations.

For those who are waiting to read the spoilers before the official release, we recommend that you bookmark this page. Black Clover Chapter 335 spoilers and raw scans will be posted here once it goes online. In the meantime, tell us what you think about the cliffhanger from the previous chapter by leaving a comment below.

More About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. Shueisha serialized the production of the Black Clover manga and started its publication in 2015. Currently, the Black Clover manga already has a total of 28 volumes. In 2017, the anime TV adaptation began, but the staff decided to stop the production for an unknown reason in March 2021, garnering a total of 170 episodes. Following the end of the anime series, Studio Pierrot revealed that the series will be getting an anime film.

The Black Clover series follows the story of Asta, a boy born without any magic power. Being magicless in the world is unusual as everyone seems to possess their own unique magic power. Despite being a magic-less boy in a world full of magic, Asta dreams of becoming the next Wizard King.

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