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Saints Row: How to Get the Ant Car | All Vehicle Locations

In Saints Row you can find many different types of vehicles – boats, cars, tanks, bicycles, etc. You can unlock most vehicles by successfully completing missions or by finding them on the map and storing them in your garage.

One of the famous vehicles is the potato cart. You will be able to unlock Potato vehicle by completing the Lost Conspiracies mission.

Let’s see what this task consists of.

Unlock Potato Car – step by step

The potato car has a rather funny appearance – it is actually a car wrapped in tin foil, and to unlock it you have to collect 5 collectibles from the Lost Conspiracies mission.

Upon successful completion of the task, the potato car will be automatically stored in your garage.

The first stop on your way is to take the free chopper located in the Badlands North area, MDI-7078.

After taking the free helicopter, you have to go to the Badlands South area and fly over it until you see Lost Wheels Point.

This area from the air will look like a rotating sculpture, your helicopter must land here in order to collect the aluminum alloy car parts.

Emergency Provisions Funds

Here you can find Emergency Provision Boxes, the first part of the forgotten prototype of Lost Wheels.

Low-tech video recording kit

Here you can find Low Tech Video Recording Suite, the second part of the Forgotten Lost Wheels prototype.

Standard hatchback body

Here you can find the standard hatchback body, the third part of the missing wheels from the prototype.

Huge tinfoil ball

Here you can find the enormous ball of aluminum foil, the fourth part of the forgotten prototype of Lost Wheels.

Radio Surveillance Scanner

Here you can find the Radio Control Scanner, the fifth part of the forgotten Lost Wheels prototype.

When you successfully assemble the five parts, the potato car will be waiting for you in your garage. our end!

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