The download link for women like ONIC Kayes is back. Viral scenes with vulgar, uncensored clothes are sought after by netizens. (Twitter) Really Original Video?

Until now, the download link for women like ONIC Kayes with no censorship in vulgar clothes is sought after by netizens. Netizens are looking for download links that can be used to watch vulgar videos like ONIC Kayes without censorship. Many think that vulgar videos like ONIC Kayes without clothes have resemblance, from the face to the necklace worn.

Kayes’ confession

Responding to the viral video, Kayes, who is the brand ambassador of ONIC, clarified through his personal Instagram.

Kayes confirmed that the woman in the video was not her, but was edited using her face.

“Hello guys, it’s really busy… sorry, it’s not me, guys, it was edited, don’t be quick to believe guys who are like that,” he wrote.

Not only that, Kayes promised to report the uncensored vulgar video spreader like himself to the police.

“Alright guys, stop spreading the video and repost it, I will sue the police who spread the video and I’ll look for it to the house!” he continued.

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