Tips for applying to study in Germany that you must know – Tips for applying to study in Germany that you must know. The first thing to note is that in Germany the university application process differs from university to university. This guide is only general in nature, it is recommended to visit the university website, especially the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) for complete information on registration, application limits and procedures.

These are some of the questions to ask the International Office:

  • Entry requirements for the college program you are interested in
  • When to submit the registration form
  • When is the deadline for registration?
  • What documents need to be attached

After getting the information above, you can proceed to the next step¦

Full When Should You Register? Terbaru

Most German universities accept applications twice a year, i.e. for the winter or summer entry waves.


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Update Winter Semester Terbaik

The winter semester starts from September to February, or October to March. The application deadline is usually around 15 July*, but it is recommended to have completed the required forms and documents around May.

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Teruji Summer Semester Viral

The summer semester usually runs from April to September, or March to August at universities of applied sciences.

The application deadline is usually around January 15*, but it is recommended to have completed the required forms and documents around December.

*This is a general calendar for each semester, it is recommended to check with the university in advance.

Teruji Required Documents September 2022

(Passport size photo guide for Germany here)

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What to know – NC Restrictions

Popular majors such as medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and dentistry are very popular with students, so the registration committee imposes admission quotas (known as NC, an abbreviation of Numerus Clausus, similar to Numerus Fixus in the Netherlands). NC registration and admission procedures are managed centrally by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. However, depending on the case, international applicants may also have to apply via Application Services for International University Applications (uni-assist) or apply directly to the university.

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Some programs also have local NC restrictions, where the NC terms are subject to change each semester depending on demand and availability of places at the university.

Applications for these popular majors are highly competitive, so universities may impose additional entry requirements such as interviews, entrance exams, or requesting a letter of motivation. For detailed information, it is advisable to inquire directly to the International Office.

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Viral Tips For Applying To A German University From Hotcourses: Viral

  • Apply as early as possible (at least six weeks before the registration deadline)
  • Apply to several majors and universities that are relevant to the field of study you are interested in, to increase the chances of being accepted
  • Choose a city that is not too popular so that the chances of being accepted are greater
  • Patiently waiting for an answer. You may need to wait two months or more for an answer from the university
  • Re-registration If you haven’t been accepted for the winter semester, try applying again for the summer semester

Applying to study in Germany is not difficult, right? Start looking for a college program right now so you can prepare for your registration steadily.

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