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Top 10 Best and Most Comfortable Springbed Brands — Here is news about springbed with the best quality that can be your reference, you can also see the advantages and disadvantages of this product and its price. Here’s the explanation:

1. Comforta

Comforta Spring Bed

One of the well-known springbed brands is Comforta. This type of springbed mattress is considered quality and comfortable. Not only is the mattress soft and comfortable, the design and appearance is also attractive and modern.

Not only that, the spring energy technology works optimally to provide high-class comfort for its users. The following is information on the advantages and disadvantages of the Springbed Comforta product.

The advantages of Springbed Comforta:

  • Made of latex material which makes the air circulation on the mattress more smoothly so as to create comfort and avoid stuffiness and mold growth.
  • Equipped with technology pocket spring or a good spring, so as to make the mattress comfortable and soft.
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Consists of a large selection of sizes with recommended prices.

Disadvantages of Springbed Comforta:

  • Because the spring is very flexible, it often makes a creaking and swaying sound, but this deficiency is certainly meaningless and does not affect the sleep comfort of the user.

Price Springbed Comforta:

Store Name Price Ket.
Shopee Rp
Tokopedia Rp
Bukalapak Rp
lacing Rp

2. Lady Americana

Lady Americana Spring Bed

This imported springbed from Uncle Sam’s country is also the most sought after because of its classy quality. Carrying high-class comfort, users are guaranteed to feel happy using one of the best springbeds.

The following is product news, the advantages and disadvantages of Springbed Lady Americana:

Pros of Springbed Lady Americana:

  • The spring is made of high technology which is very flexible and durable.
  • Foam mattress made of latex royal
  • Mattress is very soft and comfortable
  • Luxurious and classy design
  • There are many types that can be chosen according to consumer needs

Disadvantages of Springbed Lady Americana:

  • The price is more expensive than a standard spring bed
  • No single bed type available

Price Springbed Lady Americana:

Type Price Ket.
Lady Americana Spinal Care Set Rp 11.495.000
Lady Americana Spinal Care Set Rp 9.167.500
Lady Americana Versaire Rp 8.720.000
Lady Americana Richmond Set Rp 8.550.000

3. Elite

Elite Spring Bed

Elite springbed mattresses offer different comfort from other types of springbed mattresses. The spring technology is equipped with a spring that can help the spine very well, making it suitable for use for people with spinal joints.
This mattress that also offers the comfort of its users has advantages and disadvantages which include:

Springbed Elite privileges:

  • The spring technology is adapted to the “Letter S” spine which provides super comfort during sleep as well as for spinal joint sufferers.
  • The mattress is very soft because it uses quality foam
  • Elegant design
  • Springbed durable up to 10 years warranty
  • The prices are friendly and have been known by Indonesian springbed consumers for decades.

Disadvantages of Springbed Elite:

  • In certain types of springs used are less flexible
  • In certain types of springs often creak when occupied.

Springbed Elite Price:

Type Price Ket.
ELite Serenity Impresa Rp. 2.600.000
Elite Serenity Supreme Rp. 3.800.000
Elite Serenity Superior Rp. 3.279.000
Elite FCENTER Elegant Rp. 5.149.000

4. Airland

Airland Spring Bed

One of the well-known springbed brands among Indonesian springbed users is Springbed Airland. This type of spring bed not only provides a comfortable sleep quality for its users, it also has a shape and design that adapts to the user’s body posture.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Airland springbeds:

The advantages of Springbed Airland:

  • Soft and comfortable mattress
  • Spring technology uses chiropedic technology that can adjust the user’s posture
  • The price is quite affordable and there are also various types and models of mattresses

Disadvantages of Springbed Airland:

  • Not all types of Airland mattresses have chiropedic technology
  • Simple design

Airland Spring Bed Prices:

Type Price Ket
Airland 505 Set Springbed 2018 Rp. 4.446.000
Airland 808 Springbed Mattress – White Rp. 3.390.000
Airland 101 2018 Set Springbed Rp. 3.704.000
Airland 202 2in1 Basket Set Springbed – Gold Rp. 3.940.000

5. King Coil

King Koil Spring Bed

This King Koil springbed product has an A-accredited or very good quality. This spring bed is also recommended by spine experts or Chiropractors because its quality is considered to provide comfortable sleep and can maintain spinal health very well.

The advantages of Springbed King Coil:

  • Classy and elegant design
  • Has a quality spring technology, flexible, strong and durable
  • The spring technology is adjusted to the spinal posture so that it can maintain a healthy spine.
  • Recommended by chiropractors
  • The size of the bed is spacious and big
  • Has a variety of mattress foam hardness levels such as ultra plush, plush, firm, medium firm, and extra firm whose function and level of tenderness also provide different comforts

Disadvantages of Springbed King Coil

  • The price is above the standard of an ordinary mattress

Price of Springbed King Coil:

Type Price Ket.
Kingkoil World Endoresed Set 160 Rp. 34.464.000
Kingkoil World Endoresed Set 180 Rp. 25.268.000
Kingkoil Chiro Endorsed Set Rp. 20.989.000

6. Central

Central Spring Bed

Springbed Central is known for its economical prices and reaches all levels of the population. Not only cheap, this springbed also provides satisfactory sleep comfort for its users.

Advantages of Springbed Central:

  • Affordable prices
  • Consists of various types and models of mattresses
  • Provides a fairly good sleep comfort
  • Various designs are available from classic to modern
  • Mattress and springs are durable and long lasting

Disadvantages of Springbed Central:

  • In certain types of mattress surface (cover) rough and hot
  • In certain types of mattress foam, it is less soft and supple
  • Spring often squeaks

Springbed Central Price:

Type Price Ket.
Central Platinum Single Pilowtop Rp 2.518.250
Central Deluxe Plus Pocket Set Rp 2.840.250
Central Gold Springbed Mattress Only Rp 1.810.431

7. American Pillow

American Pillow Spring Bed

One of the best imported mattresses is the American Pillo springbed. Its elegant and trendy design makes it a classy springbed and is currently on the rise among consumers. The quality of the mattress, of course, is not asked again, it is made from the best, classy materials.

Pros of Springbed American Pillo:

  • Has a large number of springs up to 454 pieces
  • Has a spring or double springs that are elastic, strong and durable
  • Has a springbed standard certificate that provides the best sleeping comfort
  • Consists of various types and models
  • The price is quite affordable

Disadvantages of Springbed American Pillo:

  • In certain types, the mattress cover is not smooth.

American Pillo Spring Bed Price:

Type Price Information
American Pillo Burgundy Mattress Rp 3.833.900
American Pillo Montana Springbed Rp 4.054.960
American Pillo Saphire Foundation Only Rp 3.649.100

8. Bella Springbed

Bella Springbed

The Springbed Bella brand offers friendly prices with the best quality. This springbed is also the most sought after and chosen by consumers. This quality springbed focuses on providing customer satisfaction with the quality of its products that are always being upgraded.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this product:

The advantages of Springbed Bella:

  • Provides good sleeping comfort
  • Soft and comfortable mattress
  • Has springs and foam from the best materials
  • Has a variety of foam / foam, such as rebounded foam, gold foamand super foam.
  • Friendly price
  • Has a variety of collections and models.

Disadvantages of Springbed Bella:

  • In certain types, the surface of the mattress cover is slightly rough and not smooth

Price Springbed Bella:

Type Price Ket.
Bella spring bed matras Rp 1.300.000
Bella spring bed deluxe Rp 1.600.000
Bella (160x200cm) set boxy super Rp 1.555.000

9. Spring Air

Spring Air Springbed

Spring Air is a cheap spring bed brand since 1926, its reliable quality has been considered in the international market including Indonesia. This Air Spring bed also has an innovative design that can be chosen according to the modern needs of today’s consumers.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Spring Air:

Pros of Springbed SpringAir:

  • Has features sleep sense which maintains a comfortable sleep by paying attention to the flexibility of the body’s curves on the mattress
  • Has various types of mattress foam softness starting from soft, medium firm, medium firm, extreme firmand others.
  • Tech foam mattress infused memory foam which can maintain posture and provide perfect sleeping comfort.
  • Consists of double and single types
  • Prices start from 1 million to 10 million

Disadvantages of Springbed SpringAir:

  • The quality of the comfort of the mattress is obtained according to the type and price of the mattress.

Price Springbed SpringAir:

Type Price Information
Spring Air Spine Saver Set – Charchoal Rp 17.550.000
Spring Air Ortho Set Springbed Rp 13.350.000
Spring Air Quarto 2017 Full Set Rp 16.245.000
Spring Air SLEEP CENTER Ortho Set Rp 17.400.000

10. Guhdo

Guhdo Springbed

The spring bed product from Guhdo is also one of the brands that offers quality foam material derived from latex for comfort while sleeping for its users. The spring and foam technology can also provide comfortable body stability for the user.

Here’s a review of the advantages and disadvantages of springbed Guhdo:

Pros of Springbed Guhdo:

  • It has foam technology with hypno allergic which is anti-itch and allergy.
  • Springbed is designed according to the shape and weight of the user’s body.
  • Has a latex mattress that is supple and soft and gives a cool impression
  • The spring is equipped with pocket spring technology which provides stability for sleeping.
  • In addition to pocket springs, the Guhdo spring bed also has spinal spring technology that provides perfect sleeping comfort.
  • Have a type of mattress or mattress orthopedic which provides comfort to the spinal joints

Disadvantages of Springbed Guhdo:

  • The type of foam and its spring/spring technology provide different comforts for everyone. People with a certain height should choose the right type of Guhdo mattress that is comfortable.

Guhdo Spring Bed Price:

Type Price Information
2IN1 STANDARD PARIS HEADBOARD Rp 2.658.000 – 4.830.000
GUHDO MULTIBED RODEO HEADBOARD Rp. 1.638.000 – 2.958.000
GUHDO New Prima ATLANTIC STYLE Rp. 3.080.000 – 6.020.000
2in1 BRAVO BIRU Rp. 2.730.000 – 3.930.000

To choose the best quality springbed brand, you can pay attention to the features and disadvantages of the product above. Then, to get the best price for a springbed, you can compare them between these products. To track products that are tailored to your needs and convenience, you can visit the store directly and try the product to be purchased first.

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